About Us


Established in 2000, Ferro Lorenzo is a family craft company specialized in production of Murano blown glass small items, using the traditional lampworking technique.

Our production, carefully handmade and mouthblown, is composed of a large range of Murano glass items as giftware, collectibles, Christmas ornaments and so on, preciously finished using a gold foil 24 K, or even millefiori, avventurina…

Our products are guaranted by the Vetro Artistico® Murano trademark that certifies they are produced on the island of Murano. Introduced and governed by a Veneto Regional Law, the trademark has been created to safeguard one of the most famous symbols of Made in Italy and guarantee the fruits of a millenary tradition.

We also have been creating bas-reliefs in Murano glass for 10 years (www.vetromuranoarte.com).

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